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Voice Lessons

Singing lessons tailored to a student's voice type, age, ability level and musical ambitions. Vocal training to develop confidence, tone, projection, range and clarity of diction. 


Learning to sing can seem daunting and complicated. Upon searching the internet for different ways of improving our singing, we are bombarded with information on how to do so. Videos, blogs, exercises and information to saturate the internet more and more but the real question for most people is: where do I start? In my private lessons I aim to strip back the complicated aspects of learning to sing by working with students to create a tailored program of exercises, repertoire along with a practice schedule. 


A typical lesson will start with a warm up in the form of vocal exercises. Here we focus on waking up the voice, setting the president for singing with a free, easy sound for the rest of the lesson and beginning some technical work without the pressures and demands of a piece of music. After we are suitably warmed-up, we then tackle repertoire. Here we not only continue to work on developing a beautiful and healthy vocal sound, but also to respond to the musical demands of the piece, improving the delivery and getting songs to a good performance standard. 


As students develop, I usually encourage an increasingly playful approach to their learning, to vary their practice and to increasingly use their own judgement on how to best improve outside the lessons so that they can become the master of their own artistic development. I teach students all ages and abilities and am experienced in taking students through ABRSM grades and preparing students for auditions for music college, drama school and various projects. 

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Jack currently works as the singing teacher at Wembley Music Academy, providing one on one lessons and group lessons for students aged 7-18 in which students predominantly work on pop, musical theatre and classical repertoire as well as grades. In addition, Jack also conducts two choirs at the school, working towards an end of term performance. This summer, the choirs came together to perform 'When I grow up' from Matilda with solos from members of the senior choir.

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Sam Bradshaw 


Last Christmas, Jack worked as the musical director for two children's Christmas Shows with Sam Bradshaw Productions. This involved coaching professional actor-singers on the music in the two shows, working on vocal projection and building a clear and silly interpretation of the music and text suited to young audiences. 

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The Return of Ulysses with Royal Opera

In 2019, Jack worked as the tenor section leader and mentor for the Royal Opera's production of Montiverdi's The Return of Ulysses. This was a brand new production, directed by John Fulljames and conducted by Christian Curnyn at the Camden Roundhouse. 


 In this project, Jack worked with the Royal Opera Community and Roundhouse Choirs mentoring the tenor section and leading workshops with the two choirs to help prepare them for the performances. Workshops involved group singing lessons, drama games and working on the material.

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